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Ramadan #BersinergiJadiLebihBaik XL Business Solutions Offers Promo for the Corporate and MSMEs Customers

Jakarta, 25 April 2021 Welcoming Ramadan, PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) through XL Business Solutions runs a series of Ramadan programs which aim to establish friendship and hospitality and synergize with corporate customers and MSMEs. In addition to Ramadan promos, private and public webinars are also held, as well as “ngabuburit” event with customers on Tuesday (20/4). At the event which was attended by representatives of 480 corporate and MSME customers, XL Business Solutions also gave appreciation in 16 categories for 16 customers for their achievements in 2020.


Chief Enterprise & SME Officer of PT XL Axiata, Feby Sallyanto, said, “With the theme of #BersinergiJadiLebihBaik, XL Business Solution hopes that this Ramadan promo program will be able to create bigger business opportunities for our customers, partners and clients. There are four products that customers can get on this good chance at a promo price. So, this is also a great opportunity for customers to be able to fulfil their needs to increase their productivity through our services. "


In the event of “ngabuburit”, XL Business Solutions informed four new products which have been able to be obtained by the customers:

·       “SD WAN+”, that is the efficient and simple WAN management solution.

·       “IoT Connectivity+”, platform to fully access the IoT solution which is used.  

·       “Cloud PBX” as a more efficient business communication solution.

·       “Big Data Analytics” to help business moves precisely and more accurately.


For Ramadan promotions, XL Axiata provides opportunities for non-individual customers to get attractive offers on a number of service products during the month of Ramadan. This promo has been able to be obtained by the customers starting April 13, 2021 ago.


·       Digital Rewards, promo of additional quota up to 60% for the purchase starting from Rp 14.42 million.

XL Digital Rewards is the data package sold to the corporate customers in bulk where the corporate can regulate the distribution, mechanism, and operation among the employees, company groups, clients, and its customers. XL Digital Rewards can be used as engagement tool for the corporate customers to improve the loyalty of the customers and also as the promotion facility to increase the purchase. The ease of the distribution arrangement added with this sizeable promotion is expected to help the corporate customers to increase their income.


·       BIZ Pascabayar (Postpaid BIZ), discount promo of 42% for the minimum activation of 14 BIZ Pascabayar.  

BIZ Pascabayar adalah is post-paid cellular services which is specially designated for the corporate customers from all industry segments. One of the main propositions from BIZ Pascabayar is the existence of Office 365 Business Basic license so that the company no longer needs to spend additional cost for Office 365 subscription. BIZ Pascabayar also offers conference quota up to 30GB per month which can be used to support the productivity of company’s employees. This conference quota can be used to access Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet/Hangout and Google Classroom. With this promo, company does not have to spend a lot of money to enjoy the benefits mentioned above. BIZ Pascabayar services can be enjoyed starting from IDR 50 thousand per month.


  • BIZ Prabayar (Postpaid BIZ), discount promo of 14% for minimum activation of 42 new cards.

BIZ Prabayar is the cellular services with the same benefit such as BIZ Pascabayar with a prepaid / credit payment method. With the BIZ Pascabayar, customers can also enjoy free 30GB of conference quota and also license of Office 365 Business Basic.  


  • Infinet Office, promo of 14% for minimum activation of 4 Infinet Office devices.  

Infinet Office is the postpaid cellular services which is bundled with mobile router. With Infinet Office, the company does not incur large costs to purchase mobile router that can be placed in branches or outlets. By using Infinet Office, each branch or outlet can be connected to the internet at an inexpensive cost. 


This promo program is valid for new customers and existing customers of XL Business Solutions with terms and conditions applied. To get this attractive offer, customers can visit or contact the Account Manager of XL Business Solutions.

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