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Collaborate with Helios Data XL Axiata Improves Subscriber Data Security

Jakarta, March 8th  2021. PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) continues to improve its capabilities in protection and security of corporate customer data. For this purpose, XL Axiata collaborates with Helios Data, a data security technology provider from California, USA, by implementing Secure Data Sharing technology. This collaboration is certainly relevant to the digital transformation that continues to be echoed by XL Axiata, where all business processes are developed by looking at the use of digital platforms that allow systematic and comprehensive data protection.


Director & Chief Information Digital Officer of XL Axiata, Yessie D. Yosetya, stated, "As we know, subscriber data security is an absolute must in many digital service industries, including XL Axiata as one of the public telecommunications service providers in Indonesia. We continue to strive to improve subscriber data security capabilities, with the hope that all these efforts will also be able to continue to encourage customer trust in our services. Of course, the technology implementation of Helios Data is also in line with the management's more attention to subscriber data security, where we now also have a number of certifications related to this."


Yessie added that the company had made observations and saw that Helios Data is able to provide the services XL Axiata needed regarding subscriber data security and protection. The technology that Helios Data offers is proven to have added value in protecting XL Axiata subscribers' data. This collaboration is an opportunity for XL Axiata to introduce and convince business players from various sectors in Indonesia regarding data security assurance.


Helios Data provides a solution to ensure the security of all activities related to business data monetization. This protection will provide security and comfort for XL Axiata and its partners in managing business processes digitally. XL Axiata as a telecommunication service provider can provide full protection of subscriber and business partner data. Meanwhile, subscribers, in this case XL Axiata's business partners, can entrust their data security to be managed professionally and avoid data misuse.


CEO of Helios Data, Fei Zou said, “As a company engaged in Data Privacy Protection, Helios Data offers solutions related to Secure Data Sharing that are built on patented Constrained Protected Domain (CPD) technology and are based on Network Security and Confidential Computing Technology. This solution is then adopted by companies that prioritize quality technology in maintaining the security of their customer data, as has been done by XL Axiata. We are very excited to partner with XL Axiata as a company that continues to prioritize the use of technology in providing the best service for its customers."


Until now, customer data security has often been a challenge for some companies in Indonesia. Security algorithms have not been able to provide comprehensive protection. By using the platform owned by Helios Data, protection of customer data that is managed by a company can be done in real time. Several other advantages of the data protection technology or trusted computation that Helios Data offers include real time trackable, real time verifiable, and real time protection.


In the future, it is hoped that this technology will continue to be developed and updated so that it can provide the best protection for every business activity carried out between XL Axiata and its partners.

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