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XL Axiata and Cisco Spur Development of Internet of Things (IoT) Services in Indonesia through IoT Connectivity+ Product by XL Axiata
• The collaboration will introduce IoT Connectivity+ product by XL Axiata, powered by Cisco’s IoT Control Center to customers across Indonesia.
• The connectivity management platform will help businesses scale their IoT deployments faster and securely to deliver superior customer experiences.
• The launch also lays the foundation for future IoT deployments that leverage 5G connectivity to bring high-value use cases to market at scale.

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS, Barcelona, March 1st 2024 XL Axiata, a leading converged operator in Indonesia with over 57,5 million subscribers, has partnered with Cisco, the worldwide leader in technology, to introduce a cloud-delivered IoT Connectivity Management Platform through IoT Connectivity+ Product by XL Axiata to help customers in Indonesia innovate and scale their IoT businesses securely.


IoT connections in Indonesia are forecast to grow threefold to approximately 404 million by 2028, with cellular connections constituting a quarter of this figure. The growth is projected to be a sustain in the years ahead with cellular connections projected to grow to 148 million by 2032. However, large scale IoT deployments are often seen as complex to manage not least because of the range of devices and their varying technological sophistication, especially in areas like cybersecurity.


IoT Connectivity+ product by XL Axiata, powered by Cisco’s IoT Control Center addresses this complexity by providing customers with a unified architecture that is designed to manage a large scale of diverse endpoints and platforms. The platform has an artificial intelligence powered anomaly detection capability that proactively finds and alerts the business about any device or connectivity issues in the background, helping improve service reliability.


At the same time, enterprise-grade, end-to-end security in the platform helps businesses protect their users, devices, and critical infrastructure, enabling businesses to stay ahead of unusual data or connectivity patterns with real-time device monitoring and analytics. Additionally, customers can also better manage and control costs as the XL Axiata IoT Connectivity+ platform automatically picks the right rate plan based on real-time usage.


Finally, the combination of all these abilities allows customers to accelerate innovative IoT use-cases tailored for their business needs and manage it all on a single platform for seamless digital experience.


“As connectivity continues to improve across Indonesia, businesses are now looking to scale the IoT deployments and bring to life various use cases. However, they realise that to be successful in this area in the long run, they need to ensure they can address the complexity associated with IoT deployment and keep them secure from malicious actors. As such, they need a simple, scalable, and secure platform that can help them achieve those goals and XL Axiata IoT Connectivity+ provides exactly that. We are excited to join forces with Cisco to offer innovative solutions that not only elevate businesses but also help realize Indonesia's smart cities vision sustainably,” said Yessie D. Yosetya, Director and Chief Enterprise Business and Corporate Affairs Officer of XL Axiata


Indonesia’s IoT industry continues to grow exponentially as the country looks to realize its smart cities vision. Managing cellular IoT connectivity at scale is critical to realizing its vision. By providing reliable connectivity and efficient management of connected IoT services, this collaboration aims to contribute to the success of Indonesia's smart cities initiative. It also lays the foundation for bringing a new wave of IoT applications at scale to the market in the future, especially those leveraging 5G and other emerging technologies.


XL Axiata aims to extend the benefits of their IoT services to the market with a focus on connected car OEMs, major banks, electrical utility providers, security solutions, and fleet management customers.


"At Cisco, we are committed to bring the best-in-class innovation to customers so they can leverage the full potential of any technology. Indonesia’s burgeoning population with a keen appetite for technology consumption, coupled with rapid digitization of businesses across the country, is poised to significantly propel the adoption of IoT. By combining XL Axiata's extensive mobile network capabilities with Cisco Mobility Services Platform , we are poised to redefine the IoT landscape in Indonesia, making connected services for things, space and people accessible, secure, and transformative for businesses of all sizes," Masum Mir Senior Vice President and General Manager for Cisco Networking's Provider Mobility business, Cisco.

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