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Supporting the Digital Transformation of SMEs XL Axiata Introduced Digital and Sisternet Solutions During the 44th Anniversary of DEKRANAS
During the 44th DEKRANAS anniversary celebration, XL Axiata Business Solutions presented digital innovations aimed at enhancing SME efficiency, along with the tangible benefits experienced by entrepreneurs who have embraced them. Additionally, the event highlighted female entrepreneurs supported by the Sisternet CSR initiative, showcasing their successful business growth through digitization efforts.

SURAKARTA, MAY 19, 2024. ​​PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) remains consistent in its commitment to advancing Indonesia's small and medium enterprises (SMEs). As part of this endeavor, XL Axiata, through XL Axiata Business Solutions (XLABS), introduced the XL SATU Biz service, aimed at facilitating SME digitalization to enhance their competitiveness and productivity. In line with this commitment, XL Axiata participated in the series of events commemorating the 44th anniversary of the National Crafts Council (Dekranas) held in Surakarta or Solo from May 15 to 19, 2024.


During the event, First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo and Dekranas Chairwoman Mrs. Wury Ma'ruf Amin, alongside the XL Axiata team, took a moment to capture a photograph while visiting the Dekranas exhibitor booth. The XL Axiata booth showcased a range of tailored solution services designed to assist SMEs in their digital transformation journey, including XL Satu Biz, Adscellence, Managed Service Wifi, Digital Rewards, Google Workspace, Infinet Go, Biz Vida, and Open Wifi. Additionally, through the Sisternet program, various SME products that have received support were also showcased, including batik and health drink products.


XL Axiata's Group Head of Enterprise Product & Marketing, Tri Wahyuningsih, expressed, "It is a special privilege to welcome the First Lady and the Chair of National Dekranas to the XL Axiata booth, enabling us to elaborate on our initiatives aimed at advancing Indonesian SMEs. This includes offering digital solutions from XLABS, alongside our Sisternet program tailored for female entrepreneurs. We hope that through this event, an increasing number of SME colleagues across diverse regions will embrace our digital solutions, furthering their efforts to enhance productivity and level up.”


The following digital solution products for SMEs were showcased at the Dekranas Anniversary:


  1. XL SATU Biz: Offering internet packages and customizable business solutions tailored to customer needs. This service equips SMEs with high-speed fiber optic internet, large shared quotas, and the Majoo Entrepreneur application, integral to the XL SATU Biz package, which streamlines half of the business setup process.


  1. Adscellence: A digital solution featuring SMS Location-Based Advertising, facilitating SMEs in targeting potential customers through focused SMS advertisements around their business location.
  2. Managed Service Wifi: Cloud-based wifi technology enabling SMEs to remotely manage, control, and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks within their business premises.


  1. Digital Rewards: Providing digital prizes such as internet quota, beneficial for SMEs in conducting loyalty programs or offering special promotions involving digital rewards.


  1. Google Workspace: A cloud-based workspace solution streamlining digital workspace management for SMEs. It simplifies tasks such as creating company domain emails, facilitating employee access to various Google applications, managing application access permissions, and more.


  1. Infinet Go: An all-in-one internet package facilitating continuous connectivity to wireless networks through a high-speed portable WiFi device, enabling SMEs to stay connected anytime, anywhere.


  1. Biz Vida: Offering digital-based signatures for SMEs, enhancing convenience and speed in the digital signature process with guaranteed security and cost-effectiveness.


  1. Open Wifi: Providing a WiFi feature enabling SMEs to gain deeper insights into customer behavior and preferences. This service aids in real-time tracking of WiFi usage by visitors, potentially increasing revenue through enhanced customer understanding.


Currently, the XL SATU Biz solution operates in 88 cities/districts across multiple provinces in Indonesia and will continue for further expansion in tandem with the growth of the convergence network. As of the first quarter of 2024, over 10,000 SMEs have leveraged XL SATU Biz to support their productivity.



Sisternet Empowers Female SMEs to Elevate Their Businesses


During the Dekranas 44th Anniversary event, through the Sisternet CSR program, XL Axiata also presented the success stories of two SMEs who have made significant strides in their journey, thanks to their participation in Sisternet's development programs such as the 2023 Smart Capital Competition. One of these remarkable SMEs is Ulur Wiji UKM from Pandankrajan Village, Mojokerto Regency. This women-led enterprise specializes in sustainable batik products, emphasizing eco-fashion and environmental friendliness. Through engaging with XL Axiata's development classes and utilizing XL SATU Biz services and the Sisternet application, Ulur Wiji expanded its digital marketing efforts, resulting in a remarkable 56% increase in sales turnover.


The second SME,, hails from Surakarta and offers health drink products crafted from premium imported lemon, red ginger, and high-quality cinnamon, aimed at detoxifying the body and aiding weight loss. By integrating into the Sisternet digital ecosystem, received support in enhancing brand visibility, accessing broader markets, and receiving business development education.


Here are the latest offerings from the Sisternet application, designed to empower Indonesian female SMEs:


  1. Finansister: This feature of the Sisternet application delivers financial literacy education and opens doors for women SMEs supported by Sisternet to access an exclusive business capital lending program in collaboration with Sisternet partner banks.


  1. Sister Shop: Another feature of the Sisternet application, Sister Shop, provides a platform for SMEs to showcase and promote their products and services to fellow Sisters/Sisternet members.


  1. Smart Webinar: A monthly educational program tailored for Indonesian women, covering a diverse range of topics to support digital literacy among female students and married women. Sisternet Smart Webinars are accessible for free via the Sisternet application.


To date, over 3,000 female SMEs have participated in the Sisternet program, engaging in developmental classes across various regions of the country and spanning a variety of product categories, from food and beverages, crafts, fashion, to tourism.


Join the Sisternet program today by downloading the application and registering for free, and let's continue supporting one another in advancing Indonesian women. #perempuannaikkelas #jadilebihbaik #adauntukindonesia (#womenlevelup #bebetter #existforindonesia).

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