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Our Programs

SME’s Woman Empowerment
Supporting Indonesian women to grow and improve their lives through the use of the internet and technology towards industry 4.0. Sisternet aims to improve the soft-skills of Indonesian women MSMEs through free education classes with a target of digitizing approximately 1 Million Indonesian female MSMEs by 2025 to #JadiLebihBaik (Be Better).
Empower Fisherman Across Nation
An innovation in fishing technology in the form of an android-based application presented by XL Axiata and the Research and Marine Observation Center (Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries) for Indonesia. The presence of this application is intended as a driving force for the transformation of fishermen's culture from "finding fish" to "catching fish" through the use of information technology.
Preparing Future Leader
Providing learning opportunities for Indonesian youth to develop their leadership skills through soft skills learning. This scholarship program for students runs for two years with a curriculum specifically designed to meet the needs of young Indonesian leaders in facing global competition and is facilitated by professional facilitators.
Supporting Better Education
A program to garner the participation of customers and the public in general to voluntarily donate their quota, which is then channeled to improve the quality of education in schools in various parts of Indonesia.
From XL Axiata to the Nation
XL Axiata together with its employees, through the Employee Sharing Program, have carried out several social responsibility activities by providing Digital Literacy to Students from Sabang (Aceh) to Nusa Tenggara. And will continue to other parts of Indonesia, in line with the development of the XL Axiata network.