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2019 Any
  1. The 11th IICD Corporate Governance Conference and Award 2019
  2. XL Axiata re-ranked in the top 20 in the “Top 50 of the Biggest Market Capitalization Public Listed Companies award” and for the last 2 years was awarded as “The Best Role of Stakeholders” in a row. The award was given to companies that have social responsibility and provide benefits the surrounding environment by involving the stakeholders directly or indirectly in the company's business operations that able to provide more benefits to the community. The initiator of this prestigious event is the Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (IICD), one of the pioneering and trusted non-profit organizations in the field of governance.

  3. Apresiasi Perempuan Hebat Indonesia 2019
  4. Dian Siswarini, CEO of XL Axiata, was chosen as one of the recipients of the 2019 Apresiasi Perempuan Hebat Indonesia. Apresiasi Perempuan Hebat Indonesia 2019 is a program organized by SINDO Media in order to appreciate the great women who have participated to encourage the acceleration of economic, cultural, political and economic growth. technology in Indonesia.

  5. Stellar Workplace Award 2019
  6. XL Axiata won the 2019 Stellar Workplace Award for category of Employee Commitment & Employee Satisfaction in the event held by PT GML Performance Consulting in collaboration with the Kontan newspaper which aims to survey and analyze Employee Engagement and Organizational Performance.

  7. Marketeers Editor's Choice Award 2019
  8. - XL Business Solutions Wins Marketeers Editor's Choice Award 2019 in the "IoT Product of the Year" Category.


    - Through Di Balik Kubikal the series, XL Axiata won The Breakthrough Content Marketing of the year at the 2019 Marketeers Editor’s Choice Award 2019 in 14th Annual MarkPlus Conference 2020. In collaboration with NET TV, Di Balik Kubikal is more than a story. It is an effective and engaging way to explain XL products.

  9. Apresiasi Inovasi
  10. In the "Innovation Appreciation" event organized by Koran Sindo, XL PRIORITAS became the only telecommunications product brand that was nominated and won an award in the "Product and Technology Innovation" category.

  11. Selular Award 2019
  12. XL Axiata won 3 awards, namely: Best Network Transformation, Best B2B Service and CEO of The Year for XL Axiata’s CEO, Dian Siswarini (15/7). The award was given by, a media covering the telco industry in Indonesia.

  13. Indonesia's Most Impactful Women Leaders
  14. The CEO of XL Axiata, Dian Siswarini, won the award as one of "Indonesia's Most Impactful Women Leaders 2018" from Warta Ekonomi magazine

  15. Asia’s Power Businesswomen
  16. The CEO of XL Axiata, Dian Siswarini, was chosen as one of Asia’s Power Businesswomen by Forbes. She is one of 3 Indonesian women who are considered to have a significant role in shaping the business landscape in the Asian region.

  17. Indonesia’s Best Corporate Social Initiatives 2019
  18. XL Axiata's flagship CSR program, Laut Nusantara, succeeded in setting aside 100 CSR programs from various companies and industries and was named in the 2019 Indonesia Best Corporate Social Initiative event initiated by SWA and MIX magazines as "The Best Creating Shared Value".

  19. The PR Indonesia Awards 2019
  20. XL Axiata again won an appreciation in public relations field at the "PR Indonesia Awards 2019" in the category of “the most popular among the media throughout 2018 for private companies”.

    This award was given by PR Indonesia based on an assessment of XL Axiata's ability to maintain positive publications in the mass media throughout 2018 through sharing publications, whether corporate, product, and CSR.

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