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2017 Any
  1. Top 5 Corporate Reputation in Telecommunication Sector
  2. Category: Top 5 Corporate Reputation in Telecommunication

    Event: Indonesia Best Corporate Reputation Awars 2017 held by Warta Ekonomi magazine.

  3. Appreciation from VMware
  4. XL Axiata received appreciation from Vmware, which is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies. VMware appreciates XL Axiata as the first company in Southeast Asia and Korea to use their platform to support data services, namely the implementation of NFV-based "Cisco vEPC" on a massive scale.

  5. Indonesia Most Admired CEO Award 2017
  6. Category: Most Admire CEO Award 2017

    Event: Top 5 Most Admired CEO in the Telecommunication Sector from Warta Ekonomi magazine. Awards awarded in Jakarta, December 8, 2017.

  7. The 9th IICD Corporate Governance Conference & Award 2017
  8. Category: The Best Equitable of Shareholders and Top 50 of the Biggest Market Capitalization of Public Listed Companies

    Event: The 9th IICD 2017 Corporate Governance Conference & Award, XL won two awards related to the implementation of Corporate Governance principles.

  9. Indonesia PR of The Year 2017
  10. XL Axiata was awarded the Corporate Communication Team of the Year 2017. This award was given by Mix Marketing & Communication and SWA magazine.

  11. Indonesia Corporate PR Award 2017
  12. Category: The Most Popular Company

    Event: XL Axiata's Corporate Communication GM, Tri Wahyuningsih, received the award in Jakarta organized by the Warta Ekonomi Business Magazine.

  13. PR Indonesia 2017
  14. In the 2017 INDONESIA PR Awards in Yogyakarta, CEO of XL Axiata Dian Siswarini won the PR Indonesia Best Communicators 2017 Award from an open national private company.

  15. Satyalancana Pembangunan Bidang Pos dan Telekomunikasi
  16. XL Axiata President Director / Chief Executive Officer Dian Siswarini and Chief Service Management Officer Yessie D. Yosetya received the Satyalancana Post and Telecommunications Development Award from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, signed by President Joko Widodo on June 21, 2017.

  17. Telecom Asia Award 2017
  18. Category: The Best Community Telecom Project

    Event: Xmart Village 3.0 XL program. Organized by Telecom Asia magazine, a magazine that specializes in reviewing the global telecommunications industry, based in Hong Kong.

  19. Selular Award 2017
  20. Category: "Best Youth Development Program" for XL Future Leaders corporate social responsibility program and "Excellence in Media" for Corporate Communication GM

  21. Indonesia Most Admired Companies (IMACO) Award 2017
  22. In the 2017 Most Admired Companies (IMACO) Award, XL Axiata received an award for XL Axiata's efforts so far to become a company that is able to achieve good performance. XL Axiata's Chief Corporate Affair Officer, Eka Bramantya Danuwirana received this award in Jakarta.

  23. Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Indonesia Award 2017
  24. Category: TOP 10 Corporate Innovators

    Event: Ajang kompetisi Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Indonesia Award 2017 yang diselenggarakan oleh PPM Manajemen, majalah SWA, dan Product Development Management Association (PDMA) Asia Pacific. 

  25. Annual Global CSR Summit & Awards and The Global Good Governance Awards 2017
  26. Category: Excellence in the provision of Literacy and Education programs in Companies with Market Capitalization More Than USD 1 Billion.

    Event: XL Future Leaders Program, at the Annual Global CSR Summit & Awards and the Global Good Governance Awards 2017 which took place in Langkawi, Malaysia.

  27. Obsession Awards 2017
  28. Category: CEO of XL Axiata, Dian Siswarini, as Best Women CEO.

    Event: 2017 Obsession Awards organized by Obsession Media Group (OMG).

  29. The 2nd PR INDONESIA Awards (MEN) 2017
  30. Category: Media Relations Subcategories of National Private Companies and Public Company PR Departments.

    Event: The 2nd PR INDONESIA Awards (MEN) 2017.

  31. Indonesia Most Innovative Business Award 2017
  32. Category: Telecommunications

    Event: Award as The Winner of Indonesia Most Innovative Awards 2017 in the event "Indonesia Most Innovative Business Award 2017". held by Warta Ekonomi.

  33. Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2017
  34. Kategori: Telekomunikasi.

    Event: Penghargaan Indonesia Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2017 oleh Majalah Indonesia, Asia Institute, Economic Review, dan Ideku Group.

  35. Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2017
  36. Category: Telecommunications.

    Event: 2017 Indonesia Corporate Social Responsibility Awards by Indonesian Magazine, Asia Institute, Economic Review, and Ideku Group.

  37. Indonesia Prestige Brand Award 2017
  38. Category: Mobile Phone Operators and the category of Internet Service Providers - Mobile Phones for AXIS.

    Event: "Indonesia Prestige Brand Award" Award by Warta Ekonomi Magazine.

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