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XL Axiata Indonesia's 5G pioneer

What is 5G?

is the latest wireless connection technology with a multipurpose ability that can not be fulfilled by current LTE network. 5G technology guarantees a faster high speed data transfer surpassing 4G technology, with a very low latency. This technology not only able to fulfilled the needs of individual, but across to industrial area.

5G Network Benefit


4G vs 5G Network Comparison


5G Network Capability

Smart Home
Smart City
Industry 4.0
Future Technology
  1. The 5G network is currently not available to customers for commercial use because it is still in the testing stage, government licensing process and infrastructure preparation.
  2. The 5G network is not a substitute for the 4G network but rather a new network so that in the future customers can choose the suitable network according to their needs.
  3. The information provided on this page is for educational purposes only and is not a basis for commercial transactions between XL and customers. This page explains PT XL Axiata Tbk's commitment to #jadillebihbaik in the development of the telecommunications industry.
  4. The data and information available on this page are not guaranteed to be accurate for the application of its technology in the future because the data and information provided on this page only refer to global data and information on which the 5G network has been implemented or is being implemented temporarily.
  5. The data and information available on this page may change at any time according to the development of the 5G network preparation and in the context of continuous improvement.
  6. PT XL Axiata Tbk is not responsible for the consequences of any misuse of all or part of the data and information content on this page by anyone.